Notre Dame and My Favorite Year


Soon after I settled into my new surroundings and became accustomed to the rigorous graduate program at Notre Dame, I completely fell in love with everything about my experience; the school, the city, and my great, new living situation. All was right with the world.


Learning to Improvise: My First Days as an Organist


There are points in a church or synagogue service where there needs to be “filler;” i.e. music that the organist or pianist plays to fill the time until whatever action that was happening stopped happening. It was in this “filler” time where I grew in my ability to improvise at both the organ and the piano.


Beginning Piano and the Little Redhead Girl


I remember having a crush on this redhead girl starting sometime around first or second grade. As it turns out, she studied piano with a local teacher in my hometown.


Sojourn Cover Art


Do you like the cover art of Sojourn?  I decided to use the cover from a painting I saw by a talented artist named Robert Boyd and is a three-panel art piece painted in oil on wood.