Music that comes from a place of passion 
and inward focus and is reminiscent of
New Age and Classical piano.

In his first album Sojourn, Jim Gabriel's music took on a somber yet beautiful approach to solo piano coming from a place of personal narrative, and introspection.

In his album Into Eternity, Jim Gabriel approaches a seemingly more esoteric subject matter, yet in an approachable, and calming matter, where is life going? how are we getting there? Into Eternity is the destination, but the journey is the beauty of the calming piano, strings, and atmosphere that surround this creative album. 

With his music, Jim creates a space in which a person can slip away from the focus of time, order, and burdens of everyday life, and creates a place of creativity, contemplation, and most importantly a place where his listeners can find peace.

His music shares the talents of such names as new age master, Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Tony Levin, and many others.  His album Into Eternity is the perfect album for a day of much-needed relaxation and focus, whether that be a college student studying for an exam, a break from a hectic day at the office, painting a new masterpiece, or a day to simply enjoy the world and the company we keep. 

Jim's music can easily transport you to personal memories, shared dreams, and hopes for what may come. Experience it for yourself in the Music Library.