Jim Gabriel

Exhibiting profound expression through technical mastery of his instrument, Gabriel re-imagines pure, wistful memories which arise from deep yearning and soar off the keyboard, surprising us with their sophistication and unexpected sentiment.

Jim Gabriel’s musical world exists at the intersection of the ethereal and the intense, in that place where what is felt but not seen becomes real. Woven into the fabric of this world are a fascination with the transcendent and a desire to understand it. Only eight years old when he met his first piano, Jim’s childhood infatuation flourished into a mature love for the instrument’s depth and versatility. His vagabond musical education began in earnest in high school, and continued at various schools including the University of Notre Dame, Manhattan School of Music, Columbia University, the University of Washington (Seattle) and eventually on to Paris. Along the way he acquired degrees, technique, experience, and became accomplished at both organ and piano. He has performed around the world, including in Rome for the late Pope John Paul II. Jim discovered the satisfaction of performing his own improvisations for piano when he recorded a CD to help finance his studies in France. Filling spaces among selections with his own spontaneous inventions, he shaped his aural universe through playing which was passionate, strong and driven, filled with yearning yet suffused with wistful gentleness. With SOJOURN, he revisits that original diversion and gives the listener a window into his musical world.

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