Notre Dame and My Favorite Year 

South Bend, Indiana 1989

Whenever I think back on the best times of my life, I always reminisce to my first year of graduate school at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. I was accepted to study piano there towards my Master’s degree in music. It was 1989 and going to Notre Dame marked the first time that I lived more than thirty miles away from my family and childhood home. I vividly remember how the first few weeks were filled with homesickness, but also excitement at the cool new adventure on which I…

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Learning to Improvise: My First Days as an Organist 

Ohio 1986

Even before I graduated high school in 1985, I realized that I wanted to go to college to study piano. By my junior year of high school, I was practicing consistently and winning competitions for piano, and without any desire to study anything else, I decided that piano was my path.

I was fortunate to have received a full scholarship to a college close to home. It was a very good music school at the time, and I had a wonderful piano teacher who I felt was not only my teacher in music but in…

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Beginning Piano and the Little Redhead Girl 

Ohio 1974

Since this is my first blog, I guess I should start the story with “it all began back in Ohio in 1974…” Truth is I’m not exactly sure when my desire to play the piano started. I vaguely remember talking to my mom one day somewhere in the second or third grade about wanting to take piano lessons. She was in the kitchen ironing clothes, and I was trying to convince her that if she let me take piano lessons, I would practice REALLY HARD - EVERY day (which incidentally sounds similar to the tactic…

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Sojourn Cover Art 

Do you like the cover art?  I decided to use the cover from a painting I saw by a talented artist named Robert Boyd. He resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I loved the emotion in his work. The painting in its entirety actually encompasses the entire three panes of the SOJOURN CD, and the original is oil paint on wood.  If you would like to see more of Boyd's beautiful work, you can visit his page here.