Beginning Piano and the Little Redhead Girl

Ohio 1974

Since this is my first blog, I guess I should start the story with “it all began back in Ohio in 1974…” Truth is I’m not exactly sure when my desire to play the piano started. I vaguely remember talking to my mom one day somewhere in the second or third grade about wanting to take piano lessons. She was in the kitchen ironing clothes, and I was trying to convince her that if she let me take piano lessons, I would practice REALLY HARD - EVERY day (which incidentally sounds similar to the tactic my brother and I used to talk our parents into getting a dog). For the record, I can honestly say that I neither practiced “really hard” nor “every day those first few years. In fact, my practice habits throughout childhood were spotty at best, but happily improved once I made my way through high school.

And now to help satisfy your curiosity about the title:

I remember having a crush on this redhead girl starting sometime around first or second grade. As it turns out, she studied piano with a local teacher in my hometown. Sometime during this budding romance, I got it in my head that if I ALSO studied piano the redhead girl and I would be able to spend more time together. Not bad scheming for a second grader, eh?

So as the story goes, I was able to convince my mother to let me take piano lessons from the same piano teacher as my crush (score!), and the young romance could continue unabated…that is until we realized that our love was not meant to be. As with many third-grade love affairs, we grew apart and decided to pursue other interests the next year. Ah, love lost!

Ultimately though, I am grateful for that particular moment in my life where music entered in, as it ended up being my companion growing up, helping me through difficult times and always giving me something to focus on, especially when I wasn’t sure what my focus should be. For this I am grateful.

But how does the story end, you ask?

I continued studying piano through high school, college and grad school, and I’m told my young redheaded crush went on to college and received a degree in something outside of music, only to go back to school to get a music degree and start her own music academy.

It’s funny when you look back and see the random events that lead you to where you currently are in life. Like most of us, there are many things in life that we regret, but for me, studying piano and becoming a musician is not one of them. Thanks Mom for saying yes to the piano lessons (and to the dog actually)…

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